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Gender Inclusive Birth Support

from $725

As your Birth Doula I am here to support you emotionally and physically during your birthing experience. I am dedicated to providing empowering encouragement to enable you to own your optimal birthing experience. 

*Cost should never prevent care. If you are struggling please contact me about collective funds.


Unlimited text and email support throughout pregnancy


One 90 minute in-home postpartum visit.


Two in-person 90 minute prenatal visits.


On call beginning at 38 weeks. In-person birth support.

Digital Options

Digital support options available.

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What a Birth Doula does:

  • Walks with you through your pregnancy.

  • Prepares you for your birthing experience.

  • Teaches techniques for comfort and grounding.

  • Provides emotional and physical comfort during your birth experience..

  • Creates space for your most empowered birth.

  • Aids with the postpartum transition.

What a Birth Doula does not do:

  • Speak or act on your behalf.

  • Provide professional mental health services.

  • Impose opinions about your birthing experience.


Hi, friends

I am passionate about birth and supporting the transition to parenthood. I love seeing people discover their inner guide and finding their voice in a way that will serve them far beyond labor and delivery. 

My unique point of view as a birthing person, adoptive mother, doula, and spiritual teacher guides my practice of support. I believe that each labor births not just one new life into the world, but many. As much as we choose to enter and embrace the contractions of labor we are changed into more of ourselves.


My Training

Doula Trainings International

Certifying Doula

The Living School


University of Northern Iowa

B.A. Family Services



Supporting Clients through Miscarriage

The Miscarriage Doula

Equitable Care

Families are built in so many ways. I am committed to providing equitable care for all people, especially for those in the LGBTQIA+ community.

All birthing persons and families are accepted and welcome.

All Birth is Birth

Every birth deserves support! A doula can provide incredible support for unmedicated births in the home, hospital, or birthing center. We can also provide comfort and coaching through a medicated and/or surgical birth as well. In fact, I specialize in medicated hospital birth providing physical support through epidural placement, space for rest and emotional connection, and empowering push coaching in the final stretch.


Every birthing person should be nurtured & every baby should be welcomed in love!

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