Why Hire A Virtual Doula? The Empowering Birth Support You're Looking For Is A Click Away

One thing we've learned from the last few years is to be nimble! Making sure that we are in contact with supportive friends and family has become more important than ever. Those who gave birth during the pandemic navigated a tricky terrain of loneliness and isolation during their pregnancies and deliveries. However, what we have lacked in the past is now an emerging field in birth work. Enter the Virtual Doula.

Virtual Doulas are a burgeoning subset of Doulas who have seen the need for a more comprehensive and sustainable model of support. These are individuals leveraging new and improved platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet as well as trusty person-to-person communication such as texts, phone calls, and the occasional email.

While it can seem as though the role of the Virtual Doula is quickly becoming obsolete as hospitals, birthing centers, and homes begin to open up to certified support personnel, the truth is, there are many reasons why hiring a Virtual Doula is just as good, if not better than hiring an in-person doula. Each person's decision on how to enter their birth space is valid. Here are some reasons why a Virtual Doula may be for you.

Expand Your Existing Support Team

If you already have a great physical support team, adding to your emotional support may be the right decision for you. A Virtual Doula can provide emotional care as well as seasoned advice as you navigate decisions during your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period. If you are excited about your physical support team but need a little extra expertise a Virtual Doula may be right for you.

Take Advantage of Expert Advice At Your Fingertips

Imagine having a doula in your pocket at all times! With a Virtual Doula, you do! Virtual Doulas not only provide scheduled meetings, but many also set up an expectation of communication with pregnant people that can include texts, calls, and emails. If on-demand advice is what you're looking for then a Virtual Doula is what you want.

Connect with Your Birth Partner

Virtual Doulas are great at including and helping birth partners as they hold space for the birthing person. A Virtual Doula can work closely with your partner and you to help you both find the physical connection you are longing for during your labor and delivery experience. Virtual Doulas are a great option for those looking to bring their birth partner into their more intimate spaces with the added benefit of expert coaching.

Stay In Control

A birthing space can easily begin to feel crowded. A Virtual Doula can help create a plan for who you want in your birthing space and when. This starts with your choice to hire a Virtual Doula! For some, it's the first step in choosing their birth on their terms. When it's clear who you want present, it's easier to set the boundaries of your birth space.

Maintain Your Privacy...Or Don't

Birth, by its very nature, is vulnerable. By hiring a Virtual Doula you have control over how much privacy you have in your birth experience. Based on your desires and needs you can control how much, or how little, your doula sees during your birthing process. While it's helpful for a doula to visualize what is happening, a good Virtual Doula can remain present and even coach your pushing well within your boundaries.

Save Time & Money

Booking a Virtual Doula can save you both time and money! With no need to drive yourself to meetings, wait for your doula to arrive, or pack up your newborn on a snowy day, you allow yourself the freedom of time. A Virtual Doula can also save you money as virtual services often cost less for both you and your doula.

Create Lasting Relationships

While many Doulas create long-lasting relationships with their clients, Virtual Doulas have a direct pipeline for communication. This kind of communication breeds familiarity and relationship that can last beyond the doula relationship and help foster community for you in this new stage of life.

Theses are just a few reasons why hiring a Virtual Doula may be a great option for you. If you want to explore more, please contact me today at katie@bumbletreedoula.com.

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